Is The Premier League In Decline?

July 24, 2011


We’re now in the middle of July and the deadline for signing a player that will get a meaningful pre-season is barrelling nearer. (For an example of what can happen when a player doesn’t get time to blend in with his new teammates, see Torres, F. circa January-? 2011). Obviously there will be some exceptions […]

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Bonfire of the Hotspurs

June 30, 2011


Why yes Mr Redknapp, you could use the money to buy another midfielder. The noted recluse Harry Redknapp has broken his stoic vow of silence this week.  He has announced that to fund a good size spree’s worth of summer transfers he’ll need to move on 4 or 5 players. You might feel sympathy for […]

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The Shop Window: 50 Players to Watch This Summer

June 1, 2011


This summer at least one team will spend a bathful of these notes and go on to finish in the exact same position as last year. I know how it goes. Weekends are busy times, and it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on with all those matches. But now we’ve come to the […]

What does Nuri Sahin have in common with Law Students

May 13, 2011


This week, thousands of undergraduates across the country will be sitting end of year exams. Think of them. And try to make it at least a little bit charitable. Law students in particular have never had it so tough. This year we’re seeing a combination of legal aid cuts, a sharp increase in competition for […]

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The Ramifications of Utd vs. Chelsea: A Preview

May 8, 2011


(Google images result for ‘Squeaky Bum Time’ – If you think there’s any better depiction, I will fight you) There’s a lovely bit of journalistic exaggeration whereby the big matches are labelled ‘title deciders’, but the ones between big teams and smaller ones are considered to be ‘potentially pivotal to the title race’. It’s as though it […]

Line in the Sand

May 2, 2011


Gomez’s error. Vidic’s handball. Kalou’s offside goal, Clichy’s stamp on Owen.  This hasn’t been the best of weekends for officials. So absolutely nobody is surprised that the issue of technology in football is with us again. For the tl;dr crowd, my opinions on the weekend can be summarised as – yes to goal-line technology, yes […]

Can Manchester United Beat Everyone

April 23, 2011


Manchester United lack a creative player in the centre of the field. Their defines lacks depth and the backup players lack consistency. They are over-reliant on agony players and, especially in the case of Edwin Van Der Sar, they have no clear replacement. They have only 5 away league wins, and, if they win it, […]

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