5 Premier League Players Not Going Anywhere

Posted on January 3, 2011


With so many news outlets predicting what players will be making a transfer in the next month, clearly some balance is needed. So I’m going to try and name 5 players I’m convinced will still be wearing their club’s colours come February.

With 20 teams of 20 or more players  equalling over 400 players, it should be a doddle to name just 5 that aren’t going anywhere this January window. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Gary Neville and John Terry aren’t going anywhere. So I’ll be restricting myself to just those players that are being linked with transfers to other clubs. Check back soon for the 5 transfers that should be going through this January and for the 5 that either should but probably won’t or shouldn’t but probably will.


Emmanuel Adebayor of Manchester City

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1. Emmanuel Adebayor

With every indication that Edin Dzeko is a player that will be transferred this window, it should be noted that, Carlos Tevez aside, the new regime has been pretty disastrous for City strikers1. It’s too early to say whether Balotelli will work out (although his languid style has made him few friends among the fans), Santa Cruz has gotten lost in the mix, Jo has been the epitome of a fringe player, Craig Bellamy is slumming it in the Championship and you most of you probably don’t know who Alex Nimely is, even though he remains a promising striker for England. And then there’s Adebayor, who has only appeared once in the last month, as a substitute when 3-0 up against SV Salzburg and has scored just once (a penalty against Wolves) in the Premier League this season.

When he signed from Arsenal in 2009 he said that “I was born to play football and that is what I want to do”. But with 3 and a half years remaining on a contract thought to be £140-180,000 a week, any move will necessitate a serious pay cut for him.

This will surely test his resolve for playing regular football. The only way I can see him leaving Eastlands is on a short term loan or if Man City end up paying him significant compensation to move.


2.Clint Dempsey

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There are two reasons for Clint making this list. First of all, the club most suspected to be targetting him is Liverpool with Roy Hodson looking to reunite with one of his best Fulham players. But with Liverpool facing a tough 9 days encompassing an FA cup tie against Man Utd and a match against the Blackpool team that beat them at Anfield, Roy’s tenure may be at more risk than any in his troubled 6 months. I suspect that if he was going to be sacked in the window it would have happened already, but defeat in either or both of these venues could be just too much for Liverpool owner, John W Henry.  If Hodgson goes, we can safely assume that Liverpool’s already crowded midfield won’t feature the creative American’s talents.  The alternate argument runs that Dempsey’s current team are mired in a relegation battle. Mark Hughes won’t let his best player leave now, and any other serious suitors for Dempsey may just wait until the end of the season to see if they can pick him up at a bargain price if Fulham do stay in the drop zone.


3. Andy Carroll

Andy Carroll doing his best Peter Pan impression. Image by mikebrown59 via Flickr

Plain and simple, the value that Newcastle will be putting on him right now will make him bad value for any prospective buyers. If there was interest from a club like Manchester City or Chelsea who could pay over the odds without consequance, the picture could be different. But he’s being linked with Tottenham, and ‘Arry sees himself as too much of a wheeler-dealer to pay the sure to be inflated price Newcastle would charge. Mike Ashley is far from the greatest owner in the league, but he knows the value of staying up this season, and he almost certainly couldn’t get that much for Andy Carroll.

Not to mention, he’s still under court order to stay with Kevin Nolan. That Tyneside to White Hart Lane commute would be an absolute bitch.


4. Luka Modric

Modric scores against Werder Bremen. Picture from Getty Images

Will he stay at Spurs after this season? That’s a more interesting question. For all the publicity around Van Der Vaart and Gareth Bale, Luka has been at the forefront of much of Tottenham’s wonderful attacking play this season.

One team he has been linked consistently with is Manchester United, after Ferguson singled him out for praise during a match between the two teams last season.  And he would certainly be a bonus to the club, being a great mover of the ball and somewhat remeniscent of a young Ryan Giggs.  And the clear truth is that his intelligent passing would make him a great fit in most of the top clubs in England and Europe. But with Spurs battling it out for 4th place and beyond, as well as the fact that he would be ineligible for Champions League matches, means that he will almost certainly see out the season for season with Tottenham. But, having displayed himself in fine style on the European stage, it’ll be interesting to see if they can hold on to him if they don’t manage to stay in the top 4.


5. Gary Cahill

Gary Cahill

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This is probably the worst reasoned of my picks. There is no shortage of top flight teams with defensive woes. Yesterday Chelsea resorted to giving 19 year old Jeffrey Bruma his first premier league start in a big match against Aston Villa. Man Utd have Vidic, Ferdinand, Brown and O’Shea, all 29 or above and only Smalling and Jonny Evans (whos torrid performance in the 4-0 Carling Cup defeat to West Ham in November was the most recent appearance for the club) are younger. Arsenal’s premier centre-back, Thomas Vermaelen, has spent most of the season injured and the new recruits, Koscielny and Squillaci, have not been the dominating force that some might have hoped (and yes, you would be right if you thought that some serious spellchecking was involved in that last sentence). Spurs still don’t have Woodgate or King fit and have yet to find a pairing to stick with consistently. And the less said about Liverpool’s central defence, the better.

So clearly, some heavy-hitting teams could benefit from Cahill’s involvement. But why won’t he sign for any of them? I’m almost certain that he won’t, but I struggle to find some logical grounding for this belief.  Probably because Bolton are performing beyond anyone’s expectatiosn and find themselves in 7th place ahead of Everton, Liverpool, Aston Villa and other teams previously expected to outdo them in the league. And beyond that, they are doing it in style. It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep up their success. Sunderland are also performing above expectation, Stoke, Newcastle and (of all teams) Blackpool nipping at their heels for a Europa league spot and a resurgent Liverpool quickly gaining ground. I’m almost certainly projecting here, but Owen Coyle’s team look to be gearing up for a fight in which they are the underdogs and I can’t imagine Gary Cahill walking away from that now. That said, he’s a good prospect and I wouldn’t hold it against him if he did join the first team to throw mega-bucks at him.

1 Full disclosure: In my Football Manager team, Edin Dzeko has recently become the all time top scorer for Man City. For that reason alone, I am convinced he will be a huge success for the club. Reality be damned.