Seeing Double

Posted on January 3, 2011


da Silva

Go on. Just try to guess which twin this is. Image via Wikipedia

Just a quick thought from Saturday’s match between Manchester United and West Brom. By the half time mark, it was clear that Gary Neville was having a real ‘mare of a game. Were it not for some poor descision making from the referee, he would have given away a penalty and had a red card. The bench didn’t have any right backs on it to replace it. But it did have young Brazilian left back, Fabio Da Silva. Also, in the stands, was Fabio’s twin brother Rafael, who  is increasingly United’s number one right-back.

Not that I think this happened or anything, but if Rafael and Fabio had switched places at half time, would anyone other than Mr and Mrs Da Silva notice?

Interestingly, Fabio did come on for Neville towards the end of the match and did quite well. Not likely, but it would be a bit marvellous. Plus, why even have twin players if you aren’t going to have some shenanigans with them.

(As an aside, I’ve now made wild conspiracy theories for 2 of my first 3 posts. I’ll try to tone it down in the future to avoid this becoming a crackpot theories blog).

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