Feel the Excitement

Posted on January 31, 2011


Just 1 day left. I only wish I’d thought to book a day off work. It’s said that none of the huge deals go through in the January window. Such people are fools and should be ignored.

You can rest assured that my eyes will be firmly glued to the BBC rolling coverage of the last few hours as I slog my way through the day. I hope you’ll be joining me. But if you just can’t get enough transfer window speculation, here’s what I’ve been saying throughout the window:

5 players who won’t have any bags to pack today (admittedly in one case because his bags were packed a week ago. I genuinely thought Jose had better taste in strikers)

5 players I was on the fence about. Most will now probably be staying put. Still a chance for one to surprise us though. According to the Guardian, an offer was recently tabled for Tuncay to replace Edin Dzeko at Wolfsburg. There’s hope for this one yet.

5 players I expected to move. At this point I’m at 2 for 5. Robbie Keane had me worried for a while but he’s a January window pro. And I’ve still got some hope for N’Zogbia.

Then there’s the deals that haven’t been mentioned:

Darren Bent. Image cropped from original at fl...

You could buy a good sized yacht for less than this man. Image via Wikipedia

Darren Bent to Villa for one metric shitload of money. Good deal for all concerned in my less than humble opinion. Sunderland get the money to consolidate their great season for future years (and let’s face it, Gyan was at bought with at least half an eye on Bent’s eventual departure). Villa get to score goals from a player not from their midfield. Bent gets some good service from players like Downing and (for now at least) Young. And Randy Lerner gets to show yet again that he’s the only American owner to actually benefit his club.

Steven Pienaar to Tottenham. Is he a replacement to Gareth Bale? Probably, but that doesn’t mean he’ll leave right away. The one thing currently going unsaid at White Hart Lane is that repeating last year’s feat of Champions League qualification is a major question mark. And holding on to a player in that kind of form without the carrot of playing against the best in the world will be a challenge, no matter how grounded the lad seems. With £40 mill bids being touted, Spurs may have to cash in on their prospect in the summer if they don’t hit 4th at the end of the season. Hence, Pienaar.

Absolutely nobody to Manchester Utd. God bless the media speculation that started when Ferguson said he wasn’t looking to buy anyone this month. Apparently this suggested that the dour old Scotsman had developed a penchant for sarcasm in his old age. A month later and whoodathunkit, no new players. The only addition to the side being goalkeeper Anders Lindegaard signed back in November means that once Van Der Saar retires in the summer, Utd will have a ratio 3:0 of goalkeepers in the 1st team to goalkeepers the fans think are good enough to be first choice. A ratio only matched by Arsenal.


But what of today. It looks like Suarez will be heading to Liverpool. It’s anyone’s guess what that’ll mean for everyone’s favourite misfiring spaniard. I’m of the inclination that the two could be a fearsome pairing up front, but if the fabled 50-million bid does come in, they’re never likely to get more than that. And if Dagleish is to be a short term manager, that kind of money would do a lot for an incoming manager in the summer window.

What else is on the table? I still fancy Carlos Vela out on loan, Stephen Ireland looks set for Newcastle, Sergio Aguero continues to be the subject of speculation (although I’d wager it’s just that) and Charlie Adam continues to be massively undervalued in Ian Holloway’s opinion.

Meanwhile Chelsea still need a defender, Birmingham need a striker, West Ham need the rest of a midfield, the tin man needs a heart, West Brom need a goalkeeper and I will need a good excuse for not doing any work tomorrow.

The stage is set, Robbie Keane has already made his customary January switch and I’m going to look pretty stupid if Manchester United move for anyone in the next 24 hours. It’s going to be great.

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