The 5 Matches To Decide 4th Place

April 10, 2011


This is a good time to reflect on the high points of this season. The 4-4 comeback to end all comebacks between Arsenal and Newcastle, Chelsea’s 12 goals in the opening 2 matches of the season, Ian Holloway in….general. I say this because this is the time of year where nervy low scoring and goalless […]

5 Quick Lessons From Rooney vs Camera

April 7, 2011


1] The Football Association doesn’t retrospectively punish It will impose suspensions when a fine would be more appropriate. And act without precedent. But it doesn’t retrospectively punish for actions already dealt with. So this isn’t about the elbow to James McCarthy. Clearly. 2] Rooney’s back in the good books For the first time since he […]

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Spurs, Real and Certainties of the Game

April 4, 2011


There are no certainties in football, the cliche goes. All there are are streaks – good, bad, hot, cold, occasionally nude. But 9 years and 150 matches; what an accomplishment. Just last week my summary of the ┬áChampion’s League match tomorrow would simply have been “Mourinho doesn’t lose at home”. But football is a strange […]

No Comment

March 29, 2011


So I’ve been taking some time to actually watch football rather than write about it. Actually that’s a lie, I’ve been watching the same amount as usual, but the particularly vitriolic nonsense being churned by the papers lately has been putting me off. It’s the international break, which means one thing. Capello bashing. That’s a […]

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Tide and Time and Transfer Windows

February 1, 2011


Great finish. In the words of that great philosopher Martin Lawrence : “Shit just got real”. So much so that I didn’t even notice that Carlos Vela went out on loan to Arsenal a couple of days before the deadline. A quick round-up of my transfer window coverage: Of the five players I said wouldn’t […]

Feel the Excitement

January 31, 2011


Just 1 day left. I only wish I’d thought to book a day off work. It’s said that none of the huge deals go through in the January window. Such people are fools and should be ignored. You can rest assured that my eyes will be firmly glued to the BBC rolling coverage of the […]

Could it be Blackpool?

January 25, 2011


Manchester United shouldn’t still be undefeated. They’ve had narrow come-backs, conceded late goals and relatively few goals. Their only reliable striker seems to either hit a handful of goals in a match or none at all. But they have ridden their luck and are now 22 games unbeaten. Can they go all the way? I […]

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